Thursday, September 3, 2009

Take the Urban Trails Survey to have input into the future of bike paths and trails in Grand Junction !

We will figure out a way to post this document somewhere and keep you up to date. This blog doesn't host documents for security reasons.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Colorado Bicycle Laws
A brief summary of the new bicycle laws for the state of Colorado:

* In the state of Colorado a bicycle is a vehicle, you have the same rules and responsibilities as a motor vehicle
* Ride in a designated bike lane if one is present, otherwise ride as far to the right hand side of the road as practicable
* Don't weave in and out of parked vehicles - hold a straight line of travel
* Ride with traffic
* Ride single file
* Don't cling to other vehicles
* Obey all traffic signs and signals
* Use a light at night
* Yield to Pedestrians and give an audible signal when passing
* When crossing railroad tracks ride perpendicular to the rails
* Be predictable to others around you
* Ride defensively
* Wear a helmet
* Keep control of your bicycle by keeping both hands on the handlebars
* Use hand signals when turning

Sharing the Road for Auto Drivers

* Allow at least 3 feet between your vehicle and a cyclist when passing
* Signal your intentions before you turn
* Look back before making turns - cyclists may be approaching
* Be aware that when roads are too narrow for cyclists and motorists to ride side by side, cyclists are encouraged to take the lane when appropriate. This is especially true for narrow City streets where cyclists can be "pinched" between vehicles
* If you must honk your horn at a bicycle, do so from a friendly distance, not from directly behind or directly beside - this is startling and unsafe to the bicyclist
* Don't cut off a bicyclist when turning right. Be patient.
* Look before exiting a parked vehicle - "car dooring" has dire consequences
* Don't harass or endanger a bicyclist - by law this is considered reckless endangerment - a misdemeanor offense
* It is illegal to drive in designated Bike Lanes unless to turn into or out of access points - and even then, by City Traffic Code, bicyclists have the right of way