Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Joy Covey helped catapult Amazon.com from a small company to the global powerhouse it is today. Earlier this year, on a bicycle ride in San Mateo County, Calif., she was struck by a delivery van and killed. She was 50 years old. 
Joy is one of hundreds of men and women killed while bicycling or walking on our streets each year.
This has to change -- and a one-sentence bill in Congress could do it. 
Please contact your members of Congress today to ask them to co-sponsor H.R. 3494 / S. 1708, which requires the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) and state DOTs to account for and work to reduce bicyclist and pedestrian deaths.  Take Action Here.
Last week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) confirmed that biking and walking fatalities have continued to increase – now representing 16.3 percent of all traffic deaths and a total of 5,469 people killed.
Last year, Congress mandated the US DOT to set performance goals, including safety goals. We believe that those goals should include a plan to make biking safer. However, the US DOT has refused to set a safety goal for non-motorized transportation.
Congress doesn't agree: Members of the House and Senate, from both sides of the aisle, have introduced identical bills specifically requiring US DOT to set a goal to reduce the deaths of those biking and walking.
The Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Act states clearly that the lives of all roadway users are important -- and creates accountability toward ending needless deaths.
It gives US DOT the flexibility to determine the best method to meet these safety measures, and calls on our leaders to reduce the number of people biking and walking who are killed or injured on our streets every year.            
It’s time that we all stand together to say that the deaths of bicyclists and pedestrians deserve to be counted and prevented, too. Please help us build the momentum for this important legislation by contacting your members of Congress to ask them to co-sponsor these bipartisan bills.
Without it, people who bike and walk, like Joy, will remain in the blindspot of our transportation system.
Join this effort, and tell your lawmakers to vote for these straightforward, bi-partisan bills. Take action. 
Thank you for your support!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

This media release was sent out from CDOT today. This is an opportunity for you to voice your opinion about the future of transportation in Colorado around bicycling and walking.

Coloradoans Invited to Help Chart State’s Transportation Future

DENVER – The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is asking citizens to get involved in planning the future of the state’s transportation system.   
With the unveiling of the Statewide Plan website at www.coloradotransportationmatters.com, CDOT is inviting the public to play a major role developing the Statewide Transportation Plan (SWP), set for release in mid-2014. 
“We really want to hear from people throughout Colorado because this plan guides us on how limited dollars will be invested in the transportation system and how projects will be selected and scheduled in the future,” said CDOT Executive Director Don Hunt.  “Public participation is crucial for its development since it’ll reflect the priorities and needs of our citizens.”
The website serves as a central point of contact for CDOT, its planning partners and the public at large.
Website visitors will discover what opportunities and challenges are facing Colorado’s transportation system.  It allows the public to provide comments and take on-line surveys and examine the financial practices and organizational policies used by CDOT to stretch resources and meet statewide needs.  In addition, local planning processes, upcoming events and data on the state’s economy, environment and transportation system is available on the site.
Coloradans are encouraged to check the website often to learn about new developments and provide input on the direction of the SWP.  

Contacts: Michelle Scheuerman, Statewide Planning Manager, (303)757-9770
Bob Wilson, CDOT Communications, (303)757-9431

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dear Riverfront Project Supporters:

Since 1997, our elected officials from Grand Junction, Mesa County, Fruita and Palisade have contributed financially to the operational expenses of the Riverfront Commission. Mesa County notified the Riverfront recently, that they will not be allocating funds for 2014. This represents a substantial problem for the continued success of the Riverfront Project.

The Riverfront Commission will be meeting with the Board of County Commissioners on Wednesday, November 20. Please contact your Board of County Commissioners and let them know you support the Riverfront Project and would like to see taxpayer money being spent toward a very worthwhile effort.

A personal story of how you use the trail, what value you place on it, or how the community as a whole benefits from the Riverfront Project is always a good touch. And please keep things in a positive tone.

The Riverfront Project is a citizen-driven idea, carried out by our government partners across the Valley. The small cost to our governments, creates more livable communities and the continued use of the trail provides great physical health and mental benefits.

County Commissioners can be reached:
Rose Pugliese email: rose.pugliese@mesacounty.us              244-1606
Steve Acquafresca email: Steve.Acquafresca@mesacounty.us   244-1604
John Justman email: john.justman@mesacounty.us                   244-1605