Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Help improve bike transportation in the Grand Valley this week! Next meeting 12/15!

Mark your calendar and please join us at Kannah Creek Brewery from 5-7pm on Wednesday, December 15th, at the back of the dining room. We’ll toast the good work we accomplished in 2010, and recap what GVB has been up to and let you know where we are going.

Right now we need your help as there are great opportunities to get involved in shaping safe and accessible biking in Mesa County for the next 25 years by commenting on the 2035 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). Please send an email and feel free to use our suggestions below. All comments can be sent to Ken Simms at

Grand Valley Bikes believes:

  • Grand Junction needs multiple North / South corridors and arterial routes that are safe and accessible for bicyclists. We strongly feel that 1st Street and 7th Street need to be prioritized for improvements.

a. 1st Street – This would be the first and only continuously striped North / South corridor. The existing low volume and speed of cars combined with a relatively low price-tag makes for an irresistible bike route. GVB would like 1st Street included in the top ten non-motorized improvement projects.

b. 7th Street – Our 2009 survey says this is the most frequently bicycled road, yet the fourth-most-difficult place to bicycle. It would connect suburban areas, business district, and downtown to Riverfront Trail and is a great urban north/south corridor. Would probably require infrastructure changes and therefore include a higher price tag.

  • Orchard Avenue is a viable East / West corridor that needs improvement so students, families, and commuters can have safe bicycle transport to their destinations. When combined with E ½ Road it connects Clifton, Mesa State College, St. Mary's Hospital, and the Mesa Mall area. It was voted the 2nd Most-Bicycled Route in our survey, but respondents also identify the need for continuously striped lanes for this long-distance and established bike route. Elm Street should be considered in this corridor.

  • “Low-hanging fruit” projects that need simple and relatively inexpensive improvements to become great continuous bicycling routes should be prioritized over large and expensive improvements. In brief:

a. Orchard Avenue bike lanes

b. Grand Avenue immediately west of 1st Street where widening could create a safe bike lane through the five-way intersection and provide continuity from shoulders on Grand Avenue to the bike path on Broadway heading west.

c. Broadway/Hwy 340 bike lanes where shoulder space is already provided

d. Bike Lanes on Elm Avenue

e. Connecting 10th Street bike lanes with Cannel Avenue in order to intersect with Orchard Avenue.

  • Address core commuting and connecting routes within the Grand Valley, not just recreational paths.
  • Off-Street Trails - Our survey suggests off-street “greenways” have the most favorable conditions for and most inviting to bicyclists and should be increased in the Grand Valley.
  • Majority of the off-street trails emphasize pleasure rides versus a non-motorized commuter route. Below are the off-street trails that provide a commuter route and we think should be prioritized.---
  • Riverfront Trail (Palisade to Fruita)
  • Leach Creek Crossing (24 Road)
  • Beehive Drain
  • 31 Road/ Lewis Wash
  • Little Salt Wash

Please email us at if you have any questions.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Two great events this week!

350 Grand Valley Volunteer work day, Free Bike Maintenance, Group Bike Ride


On October 10, 2010, 350 Grand Valley is hosting a work party in downtown Grand Junction to celebrate climate solutions. The focus of the event is on bicycling and local agriculture as ways to make a difference. Many groups and individuals will be at the GJ Main Street Community Garden and ending the day with a group bike ride around town. As a bonus, several local bike shops have offered free bike maintenance between 12:00 and 3:50 PM. Visit for more info. about the special events taking place right here in the Grand Valley in conjunction with a worldwide effort that same day!


CEC's 3rd Annual Barn Dance

Head on out to the CEC's Third Annual Barn Dance in Palisade, CO. This year's barn dance is happening the evening of Friday, October 15th, 6pm-10pm at Varaison Vineyards barn. We'll have live, foot stompin' music, excellent local wines, tasty sangria, food from around the Grand Valley, and a great silent auction. Click here for more information.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Junk Ride this Thursday & Zombie Ride this Friday

Thursday, September 30th
7pm at 10th & Main
Join us for our monthly community cruiser ride around town.

The JUNK RIDE dresses up as the ZOMBIE RIDE this Friday, October 1st. We will join in a combined celebration of community, art, and cultural events when the 2nd annual ZOMBIE PROM haunts the night!

Please note, the Zombie Prom will now be taking place at the Mesa Theater. A $10 donation at the door will not only help support our very own local community radio station during their Fall Fund Drive, but it also includes a night of death defying music spun by a vast array of talented djs, dancing, etc. for "a ghoulish night of music, mayhem, and fundraising." We will all be helping KAFM to meet the station's fundraising goal during this night which puts a frightening flourish on the last hours of their week-long effort of working toward their goal which will help them continue to bring the music and cultural events that we so love to the Grand Valley. 100% of the donations at the door go to KAFM! NOTE: This is a 21+ event.

For the ZOMBIE RIDE --- Bring lights and deck out your bikes to appear as though they may have just been excavated from the grave. Light up your bikes and your person. It will be dark out, so we want lots of light for safety as well as for illumination of our ghastly appearance. As usual, noise makers are highly encouraged.

Oct. 1st Zombie Ride order of events:
7:15pm - meet up at 10th & Main w/ other zombies from around town to embark on the ride which will ultimately end up at the Zombie Prom.

8pm - First stop at Planet Earth & The Four Directions Gallery (524 Colorado Ave.) for the Sustainable Roots Fundraiser and Art Auction. You just can't beat the winning combination of art & a good cause!

8:30pm - Brief dance party --- you know where!

9pm - Stop at The Raw Canvas Tattoo Studio and Gallery (755 Rood) for The Exposed Show: Art Gallery and Concert > Be advised Junk Riders, as we are all about all things wheeled but not motorized, we are thrilled to announce that the GJ Roller Girls, Grand Junction's new all female roller derby squad, will be making an appearance at The Raw Canvas around 6pm if you would like to stop by and meet them before meeting us for the ride.

9:30pm - Haunt our way into the Zombie Prom at the Mesa Theater. Be sure to check for more info.!

**Be sure to make note of the VENUE CHANGE!! The Zombie Prom will now be held at the Mesa Theater.**

DJ Strangefellow's Zombie Prom MASHUP Voting opportunity:
Vote for your choice of 3 artists, not songs --- vote for ONE combination of 3 artists from the list below that you hope to hear in ONE song. DJ Strangefellow will play the winner on Friday night at the Mesa Theater. Email your suggestions to

The List:
Radiohead-Doors -Beatles-Depeche Mode-Talking Heads-Survivor-NIN-Pixies-Empire of the Sun-Deep Purple-Red hot Chili Peppers-Nirvana-Billy Idol-lenny kravitz-Ac/Dc-Pat Benatar-Nelly-ZZ Top-Crookers-James Brown-Sugarhill Gang-Pet Shop Boys-Prodigy-The Clash-The Beastie Boys-Joan Jett-nancy Sinatra-Metallica-Timberlake-No Doubt-Duran Duran-Michael Jackson

tax math can benefit cyclists!

I just read this awesome article on grist. I know that some of our more concervative citizens here in GJ want cyclists to pay a tax or register. This article details the math behind the taxes we already pay and how by cycling, we are saving the city money. Read up and distribute widely. This is good stuff.

Friday, August 13, 2010

I just received this from an Urban Trails Committee member.

click here for an article in the Free Press regarding canal usage by pedestrians. My vote is to open 'em up!!! We all need to make sure this issue doesn't just get swept under the rug. Comment on the article and talk to City Council. This is important.

Friday, June 18, 2010

GVB in the GJ Free Press

We got some great coverage in the GJ Free Press today. For the online version of the article click here.

Cheers and have a great weekend.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Next Grand Valley Bikes meeting is June 22nd

Please join us for our next meeting on Tuesday, June 22nd at 5:30 pm at Colorado Environmental Coalition's office at 546 Main St. #404 (Above LaBamba), Grand Junction. In the spirit of Bike to Work Week, we'll be discussing Grand Valley Bikes' goals and objectives, and how we can move forward in making biking safer and more accessible in the Grand Valley. Please email us at with any questions.

Join us for Bike to Work Day

Please join Grand Valley Bikes, Urban Trails Committee, The Junk Ride, Mesa County, and the City of Grand Junction for a free breakfast on Bike to Work Day, Wednesday, June 23rd. The breakfast will be served by the fountain at City Hall at 5th & Rood on Wed., June 23rd from 6:30-9:30am to all those biking to work on Bike to Work Day. You must have a bike and a helmet to receive free breakfast. We thank the coordinators of this event and the donations from local downtown businesses.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Grand Valley Bikes: Next meeting Tuesday, June 1st, 5:30pm at the Old County Courthouse, 6th and Rood.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting Grand Valley Bikes and the 2035 regional transportation planning process ! We had a great weekend of events,rocked out to Stray Grass, rode with some old friends and made some new friends. Now the vigilence begins as we stay involved in the planning process and wait for the reports and implementation. Please stay tuned to Grand Valley Bikes for updates and more information. Also, see this link to News Channel 11 TV coverage:

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Please take this survey!!!

We need to make sure the bicyclist voice is heard loud and clear in the regional planning process. Please go to this online survey that is hosted by the Grand Valley Regional Transportation Committee. You can also visit the 2035 plan website here.

New U.S. DOT cyclist policy- Contact the Governor!

Click here to see an article posted on Ray LaHood (Transportation Secretary) climbed on a table and told bike advocates that the almighty car would no longer be raised above bikes in planning. Yay!!!

You can contact Governor Ritter to ask him to support this new policy by clicking here. The link will take you to the League of American Bicyclists Advocacy Center.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Online survey

This is an online survey for the Mesa County Transportation Plan meetings this week. Whether you were able to make it to any of the planning meetings this week or not, the survey is online. I hear it requires thought and some time. Its a great way for us to be heard in this process. Click on the title of the post to be directed to the survey.

Also, the website for the plan:

Monday, January 11, 2010

LA Road Rage driver gets 5 years in prison ! See the link for the entire article: