Friday, July 17, 2009

*277 (CSP) Aggressive Driver hotline

*277 (CSP) Aggressive Driver hotline - Dial this number from your cell phone to report aggressive drivers. If you are calling from a non-mobile phone dial 303-239-4501. When dialing Star CSP bicyclists should be prepared to communicate:
Vehicle license plate number - this is mandatory
Location and direction of travel
Vehicle and driver description, if possible
The aggressive driving behavior being demonstrated

According to the State Patrol website, they enter this information into an aggressive driver database and send a warning letter after receiving three complaints. If the State Patrol receives additional complaints they send a trooper to make personal contact with the registered owner of the vehicle to take appropriate enforcement action. Bicyclists may report aggressive driving from any road in Colorado, not just a state highway. If you are not on a state highway the State Patrol will offer to connect you to the local police or sheriff to file a report. Ask the State Patrol to please take your report and enter the license into the aggressive driver database before being transferred.

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