Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dear Riverfront Project Supporters:

Since 1997, our elected officials from Grand Junction, Mesa County, Fruita and Palisade have contributed financially to the operational expenses of the Riverfront Commission. Mesa County notified the Riverfront recently, that they will not be allocating funds for 2014. This represents a substantial problem for the continued success of the Riverfront Project.

The Riverfront Commission will be meeting with the Board of County Commissioners on Wednesday, November 20. Please contact your Board of County Commissioners and let them know you support the Riverfront Project and would like to see taxpayer money being spent toward a very worthwhile effort.

A personal story of how you use the trail, what value you place on it, or how the community as a whole benefits from the Riverfront Project is always a good touch. And please keep things in a positive tone.

The Riverfront Project is a citizen-driven idea, carried out by our government partners across the Valley. The small cost to our governments, creates more livable communities and the continued use of the trail provides great physical health and mental benefits.

County Commissioners can be reached:
Rose Pugliese email:              244-1606
Steve Acquafresca email:   244-1604
John Justman email:                   244-1605

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