Monday, December 17, 2012

Grand Valley Bikes , your local 501c3 bicycle advocacy organization, applauds the City of Grand Junction of setting their goal to be “The Most Livable Community West of the Rockies” by 2025.  We appreciate the added bike lanes, sidewalks, wider shoulders, and trails that have been added as new projects have been built. The continuation of the Riverfront trail has been an outstanding example of adding to the livability of the Grand Valley. We encourage the City Council to continue adding multimodal facilities to create safer pedestrian and biking in Grand Junction and to continue toward being the Most Livable Community West of the Rockies.

GVB has seen many issues come up that highlight the need for pedestrian and bicycling infrastructure around district 51 schools, community parks, east-west bicycle corridors and connectivity to those areas. There is now an opportunity to improve and clean up some of the problem areas that have developed in past years. The City of Grand Junction is asking Grand Junction voters for permission to retain tax revenues to continue to fund projects that benefit the community and the economy. The full story can be found on the city's website.

A livable community allows everyone to move around safely, especially those that aren’t driving including elderly populations and school-age children. We want to welcome a burgeoning retirement community, who may target the Grand Valley as home, as well as young professionals looking for a great place to move to and raise children. A walkable, bikeable, livable community benefits all ages of people and improves the economy, health and of our community.

PLEASE take the two-question online survey. Perhaps suggest the City take this opportunity to make our Grand Valley The Most Livable Community West of the Rockies by 2025 by devoting upcoming funds for multimodal transportation infrastructure in areas where problems currently exist.

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