Thursday, December 6, 2012

We want 100 miles of bikes lanes for Christmas

How would you improve the community of Grand Junction if you had $100 million dollars to spend?

The City of Grand Junction is asking Grand Junction voters for permission to retain tax revenues to continue to fund projects that benefit the community and the economy.  The full background story about the funds can be found on the City of Grand Junction’s website at

The two leading project ideas on the table target car-based investments and, we believe, don’t accomplish the city’s goal of becoming “The Most Livable Community West of the Rockies” by 2025.

Grand Valley Bikes has seen many issues come up that support the need for pedestrian and bicycling infrastructure around D51 schools, community parks, and just about everywhere you want to go in the Grand Valley. The City Council should be encouraged to add bike lanes, sidewalks and trails as a major component to any potential plans. (We’d like to see 100 more miles of bike lanes, but you can't get everything you want for Christmas.) A walkable, bikable, livable community benefits all ages of people and improves the health, environment and economy of our Grand Valley.

Please! Contact City Council and give your opinion:

1) Attend the Open House

Thursday December 6 at the Two Rivers Convention Center from 4-7pm

2) Take the online survey and give written comments

We know the holiday season is busy and fun and open houses are, well, not that fun, but if you love the simple pleasure of bicycling please take the time to comment before December 21.  This is a crucial topic with easy ways to be heard by the City Council.

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Also, on the state-level, CDOT is revising their Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. Your input is encouraged through an online survey at Deadline to respond is December 21.

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